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Submitted Articles

  • Seto K, Galland G, McDonald A, Abolhassani A, Azmi K, Sinan H, Timmiss T, Bailey M, and Quentin Hanich. In review. A global analysis of allocation in transboundary tuna fisheries. Submitted to Ambio.
  • Schiller L, and Bailey M. World’s tuna under rapidly increasing eco-certification coverage. Submitted to Nature Sustainability.

Books on the go

  • Sumaila UR, Armitage D, Bailey M, and Cheung WCC. In preparation. Canada’s Oceans: Pathways to Sustainability in a Sea of Change. UBC Press

In press

  • Kourantidou M, Hoover C and Bailey M. In review. Indicators as boundary objects to integrate Inuit knowledge and western science for marine resource governance. Arctic Science.
  • Packer H, Schmidt J, and Bailey M. Social networks and seafood sustainability governance: Exploring the relationship between social capital and the performance of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). People and Nature.





  • Bailey M. 2017. Shining a light on seafood mislabeling through respectful debate. Conservation Letters 10: 654-655.
  • VanderZwaag D, Bailey M and Shackell N. 2017. Fisheries management in the Gulf of Maine: Taking stock and charting future coordinates in the face of climate change. Ocean Yearbook 31.
  • Bush S, Bailey M, van Zwieten P, Kochen M, Wiryawan B, Doddema A* and Mangunsong S. 2017. Private provision of public information in tuna fisheries. Marine Policy 77: 130-135.
  • Duncan J and Bailey M. 2017. Food Secure Futures: Multidisciplinary Solutions. Routledge.
  • Groeneveld R, Bush SR and Bailey M. 2007. Private governance of ocean resources. Handbook on the Economics and Management for Sustainable Oceans. Edward Elgar, p 416-428.
  • Bailey M, Vestergaard N and Sumaila UR. 2017. Overcoming principal-agent problems in the governance of internationally shared fisheries. Game Theory Applications to Environmental Economics. World Scientific, p 1-27.


  • Cisneros-Montemayor AM et al. 2016. Towards and integrated database of Canadian ocean resources: benefits, current states, and research gaps.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences10.1139/cjfas-2015-0573 1-10.
  • Schiller* L, Mason* T, Govender R, Short* K, and Bailey M. 2016. The rise and relevance of private governance in Canada’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors. IUCN Policy Matters 21:92-108. 
  • Kossmann* C, Behagel J and Bailey M.  2016. Action and inertia in collaborative governance.  Marine Policy 72:21-30. 
  • Bailey M and Egels-Zandèn N. 2016. Transparency for just seafood systems. Solutions 7(4): 66-73. Solutions_Bailey
  • Bailey M, Miller* AMM, Bush SR, van Zwieten PAM and Wiryawan B. 2016. Closing the incentive gap: The role of public and private actors in managing Indonesia’s tuna fisheries. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 18(2): 141-160. JEPP_Indo
  • Bailey M, Bush SR, Oosterveer P and Larastiti* L. 2016. Fishers, Fair Trade and finding middle ground. Fisheries Research 182: 59-68. 
  • Bailey M, Favaro B, Otto S, Charles A, Devillers R, Metaxas A, Tyedmers P, Ban NC, Mason* T, Hoover C, Duck TJ, Fanning L, Milley C, Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Pauly D, Cheung WWL, Cullis-Suzuki S, Teh L, and Sumaila UR. 2016. Canada at a crossroad: The imperative for realigning ocean policy with ocean science. Marine Policy 63: 53-60  Bailey et al. Crossroad
  • Yeeting* A, Bush SR, Ram-Bidesi V, and Bailey M. 2016. Implications of new economic policy instruments for tuna management in the western and central Pacific.  Marine Policy 63: 45-52. Yeeting et al.
  • Bailey M, Bush SR, Miller* A and Kochen M. 2016. The role of traceability in transforming seafood governance in the global South. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 18: 25-32 COSUST


  • Libre* SVD, van Voorn G, ten Broek G, Bailey M, Berentsen P and Bush SR. 2015. Understanding the persistence of high fishing effort in tuna purse seine fisheries – an agent-based modelling approach. Fisheries Research 172: 250-260 Libre et al.
  • Bailey M, and Sumaila UR. 2015. Destructive fishing and fisheries enforcement in Eastern Indonesia. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 530: 195-211 MEPS paper
  • Hanich Q, Campbell B, Bailey M and Molenaar E. 2015. Research into fisheries equity and fairness – addressing conservation burden concerns in transboundary fisheries.  Marine Policy 51: 302-304. FERN Paper Marine Policy


  • Bush SR, Oosterveer P, Bailey M and Mol A. 2014. Sustainability governance of chains and networks: A review and future outlook. Journal of Cleaner Production 107:8-19. GVC


  • Bush SR, van Zwieten PAM and Bailey M. 2013. BESTTuna: Benefiting from equitable and sustainable trans-boundary tuna in the Western Pacific.  Australian Journal of Maritime and Oceans Affairs 5(3): 104-111. Bush et al AJMOA
  • Christian C, Ainley D, Bailey M, Dayton P, Hocevar J, LeVine M, Nikoloyuk J, Nouvian C, Velarde E, Werner R and Jacquet J. 2013. Not “the best environmental choice in seafood”: A response to Gutiérrez and Agnew (2013).  Biological Conservation 165: 214-215. Christian et al BioCons
  • Christian C, Ainley D, Bailey M, Dayton P, Hocevar J, LeVine M, Nikoloyuk J, Nouvian C, Velarde E, Werner R and Jacquet J. 2013. A review of formal objections to Marine Stewardship Council fisheries certifications. Biological Conservation 161: 10-17. Christian et al BioCons2013
  • Ishimura G and Bailey M. 2013. The market value of freshness: Observations from the swordfish and blue shark longline fishery in Kesennuma, Japan. Fisheries Science79(3): 547-553. Ishimura and Bailey
  • Bailey MIshimura G, Paisley R and Sumaila UR. 2013.  Moving beyond catch in allocation approaches for internationally shared fish stocks. Marine Policy 40: 124-136. Bailey et al Mar Pol
  • Hoover C, Bailey M, Higdon J, Ferguson S and Sumaila UR. 2013. Estimating the value of narwhal and beluga hunts in Hudson Bay, Nunavut. Arctic 60(1): 1-16. Hoover et al Arctic
  • Bailey M, Sumaila UR and Martell SJD. 2013. Can cooperative management of tuna in the Pacific solve the growth overfishing problem? Strategic Behavior and the Environment 3(1-2): 31-66. Bailey et al SBE


  • Bailey M, Flores J, Pokajam S and Sumaila UR. 2012. Towards better management of Coral Triangle tuna. Ocean and Coastal Management 63: 30-42. Bailey et al CT tuna


  • Bailey M, Sumaila UR and Lindroos M. 2010. Application of game theory to fisheries over three decades. Fisheries Research 102: 1-8. Bailey et al GameTheory Review


  • Bailey M, Quaatey S, Armah AK, Jacquet J, Khan A, Alder J and Sumaila UR. 2010. Meeting socioeconomic objectives in Ghana’s sardinella fishery. In D.M. Nanang and T.K. Nunifu (Eds) Natural Resources in Ghana: Management, Policy and Economics. Nova Publishers. Ghana Sardinella
  • Ishimura G and Bailey M. 2010. Defining sustainability of fishery resources. Sustainability Science, Vol. 1. United Nations University Press. Tokyo, Japan.Sustainability Science


  • Bailey M, Rotinsulu C and Sumaila UR. 2008. The migrant anchovy fishery in Kabui Bay, Raja Ampat, Indonesia: Catch, profitability and income distribution. Marine Policy 32: 483-488. Bailey et al anchovy
  • Bailey M, Petrie S and Badzinski S. 2008. Diets of mute swans in lower Great Lakes coastal marshes. Journal of Wildlife Management 72(3): 726-732. Bailey et al Mute swan

Research Reports

  • Bailey M. 2014. Review of B.C.’s angling and licence options and analysis of future directions. Prepared for Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. 25 pp.
  • Bailey M and Sumaila UR. 2013. Freshwater angling and the BC economy (abridged version). Prepared for Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. 54 pp. Report
  • Bailey M. 2012. Europe’s reduction fisheries. Prepared for BLOOM Association. 49 pp.
  • Sumaila UR and Bailey M. 2011. Sequential fishing of western central Pacific Ocean tuna stocks. Fisheries Centre Working Paper 2011-02. Paper
  • Munro G, Turris B, Clark C, Sumaila UR and Bailey M. 2009. Impact of Harvesting Rights in Canadian Pacific Fisheries, Statistical and Economic Analysis Series, No 1-3, ISSN 1921-877X.  Ottawa, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. DFO_N01-3_eng
  • Bailey M and Sumaila UR. 2008. Towards ecosystem-based management in the Bird’s Head functional seascape of Papua, Indonesia: The economic sub-project. Chapter 2 in Bailey M and Pitcher TJ. (Eds) Ecological and economic analyses of marine ecosystems in the Bird’s Head seascape, Papua, Indonesia: II. Fisheries Centre Research Reports 16(1): 186 pp. Report
  • Bailey M and Sumaila UR. 2008. Destructive fishing in Raja Ampat, Indonesia: An applied principal-agent analysis. Chapter 3 in Bailey, M., and Pitcher, T.J. (Eds) Ecological and economic analyses of marine ecosystems in the Bird’s Head seascape, Papua, Indonesia: II. Fisheries Centre Research Reports 16(1): 186 pp. Report

Book Review

  • Bailey, M. 2010. Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans by K. McLeod and H. Leslie (Eds.). 2009, Island Press. Oryx International Journal of Conservation 44(2), p. 304-305.


  • Bailey M. 2012. Improving the management of regional and global tuna fisheries. Doctoral Thesis, University of British Columbia. Thesis
  • Bailey M. 2007. Economic analysis of unregulated and illegal fishing in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Masters Thesis, University of British Columbia. MSc Thesis
  • Bailey M. 2003. Diets of mute swans in lower Great Lakes coastal Marshes. Bachelors Thesis. University of Western Ontario.


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