On this Treaty Day, I commit to…..

By Megan Bailey Lab On Monday, September 28th, my son came home from grade 1 with an exciting announcement: his class had earned enough gems in their gem jar to be awarded a pajama day! He informed us we were to send him to school on Wednesday in his pjs. But actually the school hadContinue reading “On this Treaty Day, I commit to…..”

Ocean People

Guest Blog by Kayla Hamelin, PhD Student Introduction to ocean literacyOcean literacy has been defined as “understanding the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean”. Having worked as a science communicator for a variety of not-for-profit organizations, I have seen the interest in ocean literacy increase markedly in the environmental education communityContinue reading “Ocean People”

Postdoctoral position

Postdoctoral Fellowship Position: Knowledge Co-production and Transdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures We are seeking a 2-year postdoctoral fellow (PDF) to join a transdisciplinary marine research project in Nunatsiavut, Labrador. The position will be held at Dalhousie University in Halifax and will be co-supervised by Drs. Melanie Zurba (School for Resource and Environmental Studies andContinue reading “Postdoctoral position”

PhD survival guide: resilience, resilience, resilience.

Guest blog by Helen Packer, PhD student “Success is the ability of going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” Winston Churchill As I entered the new year, and the last few months of my PhD while also facing the challenges that have come with the COVID-19 crisis, I reflected back on the experienceContinue reading “PhD survival guide: resilience, resilience, resilience.”

Reflections on the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research 2020

Guest Blog by Kayla Hamelin, PhD Student Less than two days after ringing in the new year (and new decade), I made my way into a meeting room to take part in my first conference as a PhD student – the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR 2020). After several years working outside of academia,Continue reading “Reflections on the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research 2020”

ICCAT 2018 (Or: Finding humanity and humility on the Adriatic coast)

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) has just started its 26th Regular Meeting of the Commission. Last fall, as part of my thesis fieldwork, I attended the 21st Special Meeting of ICCAT in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In a nutshell, these are the annual gatherings for government representatives to collectively debate and adoptContinue reading “ICCAT 2018 (Or: Finding humanity and humility on the Adriatic coast)”

Reflections on the Labrador research forum

  Guest Blog by Rachael Cadman, PhD student By the end of my week in Happy Valley, I had already sworn to become fluent in Inuktitut, write a review of the entire oral histories of Labrador fisheries, and attempt to single-handedly dismantle the colonial structures of academia. It was the first official week of myContinue reading “Reflections on the Labrador research forum”

Small is beautiful: Taking stock of improvement efforts in Indonesian handline tuna fisheries

Guest blog by Helen Packer, PhD student As the largest archipelago in the world and with over 17,000 islands in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia’s past, present, and future is intimately tied to the ocean, including its rich tuna fisheries. The Indonesian handline yellowfin tuna fishery has been in a Fishery Improvement ProjectContinue reading “Small is beautiful: Taking stock of improvement efforts in Indonesian handline tuna fisheries”

Project trip to Nain: Reflections on fisheries management

Guest blog by Melina Kourantidou, Post-doc In late November (2018) I travelled to Nain (Nunajnguk) for participation in a workshop organized by the Torngat Wildlife Plants and Fisheries Secretariat. This was part the first of what is sure to be a series of project trips for my new postdoc position funded by the Ocean FrontiersContinue reading “Project trip to Nain: Reflections on fisheries management”