An open letter to the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson

Guest blog by Hussain Sinan, PhD student An open letter to the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. Dear Honourable Minister, I would like to thank you Honourable Minister for taking time from your busy schedule and visiting Dalhousie University to join the fire-side chat on October 22. Your interventionsContinue reading “An open letter to the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson”

Fishy travel notes from Cabo Verde – guest post by Helen Packer

I recently came back from a small group of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of West Africa where the sun shines everyday and rainfalls are celebrations, where landslides and volcanic eruptions are never too far in the future (at least in geological time), where the music isContinue reading “Fishy travel notes from Cabo Verde – guest post by Helen Packer”

Is “sustainability” sustainable anymore? – Guest post by Hussain Sinan

The Maldives – a tiny island state in the middle of the Indian Ocean – is where I call home. It’s known for its pristine waters, 5-star resorts, and fisheries. Of the three, the locals most clearly identify with the fisheries, and specifically our world-renown tuna fishery. Our tuna are caught sustainably – one-at-a-time withContinue reading “Is “sustainability” sustainable anymore? – Guest post by Hussain Sinan”

Securing small-scale fisheries?

  The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has been the reigning seafood certification for a number of years. But its accessibility and appropriateness for the small-scale developing world sector has been questioned. Through key informant interviews and bench-marking the MSC standard and the standard of Fair Trade USA, an alternative socially-based standard, against the FAO GuidelinesContinue reading “Securing small-scale fisheries?”

IIFET Special Session: RFMOs

We need to shake up the way we manage shared fish stocks. Climate change, catch shares, and privatization are all proving too much for Regional Fisheries Management Organizations to keep up with. In this special session, speakers will present on how different RFMOs are or are not rising to the challenge of operationalizing the next generationContinue reading “IIFET Special Session: RFMOs”