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I grew up in London Ontario, completing my Bachelors in Zoology at Western University in 2003. I have always been interested in the natural world, and fancied myself destined to be a vet, primatologist or marine biologist.

With that mission in mind, I spent a year in Suriname working on a capuchin monkey field study in a remote location on the Coppename River. Armed with idealism and a pair of binoculars, I thought I’d save the rainforest. What struck me after only a couple of weeks in the field was the coupled nature of social and ecological systems. Saving the rainforests because of ideology can also mean destroying local livelihoods and cultures. To have the largest conservation impact, I realized that I needed to expand my studies to include social and economic systems.

In 2005 I attended the Fisheries Centre at UBC to pursue graduate school under the supervision of Dr. Rashid Sumaila in the Fisheries Economics Research Unit. I completed my Masters in 2007 and my Doctorate in 2012. My PhD focused on solutions to global tuna governance through the lens of game theory and economics.

In July of 2015, I wrapped up a three year Postdoc with the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands where I helped to lead the BESTTuna and IFITT projects (; With my studies spanning zoology, fisheries economics and environmental policy, I have a unique perspective on the issues facing marine resource use, as well as a unique vision for how solutions to these issues can be developed.

I am always looking for opportunities to supervise students and collaborate with partners and colleagues. I can be reached at:

Megan Bailey, Assistant Professor, Marine Affairs Program
Dalhousie University, 1355 Oxford St, Life Sciences Centre 801
Halifax, NS, B3H 1R2 Canada

Phone: +1 (902) 494-6906


Coming soon!

Doctoral Students



Helen Packer: Cooperation in tuna fisheries management: Investigating the potential of value chain and informational governance to incentivize the cooperative use of tuna stocks (Location: Global, TOSST Funded)






Laurenne Schiller: States, markets, and sustainability: Understanding the relationship between public governance and private eco-certification programs in transboundary fisheries (Location: Global, Sobey Fund for Oceans funded)



Adrian Gerhartz Abraham: Incorporating the socio-economics of connectivity into marine protected area network design
(Location: Canada, CHONe funded)


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.16.33 AM


Hussain Sinan: Towards equity in regional tuna allocations: Incorporating socio-economic dependency for the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
(Location: Indian Ocean, International Pole and Line Foundation funded)



Masters students

Becca Aucoin

Jessica Bradford

Christina Callegari

Emilie Normand

Former students

Bachelor Thesis Students



Kathleen Short: Community supported fisheries (CSF) creation and benefits for Atlantic fish harvesters (International Development Studies)




Masters Students

weitzman mmm profile photo


Jenny Weitzman: Transparency in Canadian aquaculture practices (Masters of Marine Management, NSERC MSc Scholarship, location: Canada)



Schram mmm profile photo


Catherine Schram: Spatial protection for Porbeagle sharks in the Northwest Atlantic – the road to recovery? (Masters of Marine Management, NSERC CHONe2, location: Canada)




Meghan Borland: How does the environmental stewardship aspect of the Fair Trade Capture Fisheries Standard align with the Marine Stewardship Council certification standard? (Master of Marine Management, IFITT student, location: Indonesia)




Peter Wessels: How can incorporation of the roles of women in small-scale fisheries in the global South in institutional structures and processes strengthen community access to livelihood assets? (Master of Marine Management, location: Maldives, WAITT Foundation funded)




Laurie Starr: The IUU toolbox: how breaking up the components of IUU fishing can contribute to their effective management (Master of Marine Management, location: Indonesia)






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